Events at Rydal

sculpture garden

Daffodils at Rydal
The festival celebrates the arrival of spring. Thousands of daffodils have been planted in the parks and gardens of Rydal. Click here to download the brochure which has full details of the event.

Rose Day at Lorjon
16 & 9 November 2014 from 10.30. contact Lorraine 6355 6222 – hundreds of roses in big country garden.

Australia Day
26 January is celebrated in the village from 4pm with games and contests such as Billy cart races, gumboot throwing and tugs of war. There is a flag raising ceremony, the national anthem is sung and there is a sausage sizzle.

Rydal Horticultural and Agricultural Show

Held on the first weekend of February at the Rydal Show Ground. Regular exhibitions and events are cattle, sheep, and wool. Horses, yard dog trials, wood chopping, show dogs, horticulture, crafts and cooking. Website:

Anzac Day

April 25th: A commemorative service is held at 2.30pm. The village has two war memorials, one for the First World War at the Rydal Railway Station and one for the Second World War at the Rydal Showground. The ceremony rotates each year.

Church Services for 2014

St Matthew's Catholic Church:
23 February 11.30 am
4 May 11.30 am
12 October 11.30 am
14 December 11.30 am